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Our Training Videos and Files

In the subsequent training resources, we'll explore crucial norms for drafting contact reports for Parent-Help.

We will elaborate on what we consider as unacceptable, acceptable, and excellent. We encourage you to dedicate a few moments to view these trainings as they comprise vital information for your role at Parent-Help.

Our Training Videos and Files

Attempt multiple contact methods (phone calls, text messages, emails). Document
all attempts and notify the contact co-ordinator. Complete report for missed
contact session including logging any relevant information and all communication
held regarding this session.

Document the delay and the reasons if known. Communicate with both parties to
manage expectations. If the delay is significant, notify the contact co-ordinator to
determine whether the session should be rescheduled or proceed with a shortened
duration. Please note the maximum waiting period is 15 minutes unless otherwise
agreed prior.

Immediately intervene to ensure the child's safety. Remove the child from any
immediate danger and follow parent-help safeguarding procedures provided
during session allocation. Liaise with contact co-ordinator to determine whether
emergency services or referral to Children’s Services etc is required.

Prioritise the child's well-being. Provide first aid if qualified or seek medical
assistance immediately. Inform relevant parent/s and your contact co-ordinator as
soon as possible. Document the incident thoroughly, including actions taken and
any communications.

Notify the parents and contact-coordinator as soon as you know you will be late.
Provide an estimated time of arrival and any reasons for the delay. Document the
communication for record-keeping.

Remind the parents of the agreed contact plan and its importance for the
child/ren's well-being. If they continue to refuse, document their objections and

inform the contact co-ordinator. The contact co-ordinator may need to seek
guidance from key parties to consider adjusting the plan or otherwise.

Yes, you can suggest activities or games that are appropriate and align with the
child's interests and developmental stage. Ensure activities are safe and inclusive
and document any suggestions and the outcomes.

Yes, you can participate to facilitate interaction and ensure the child’s safety but
maintain professional boundaries. Your role is to observe and support, not to
dominate the activities.

Politely remind the parent that negative comments about the other parent can
harm the child's emotional well-being. Document the incident and report it to the
contact co-ordinator. If the behaviour continues, it may be necessary to intervene
more formally.

Contact the contact co-Ordinator or service manager immediately. If the situation
involves immediate danger, contact emergency services first. Document the
situation and any actions taken in detail.

Reports should generally be submitted within 24 to 48 hours after the contact
session. This allows for timely and accurate record-keeping.

Welcome to the Supervised Contact Worker Resource Page

We have created a comprehensive FAQ section to provide you with valuable insights and information on handling various situations that might arise before or during your contact sessions.

After exploring the FAQ, we encourage you to watch the three explainer videos that will guide you on what makes a report unacceptable, acceptable, or excellent.

Once you've watched the videos, please complete a short questionnaire to help us gauge your understanding of the material.

Upon submitting the questionnaire, you will have the opportunity to download the content of the videos in PDF format for future reference.

Thank you for your dedication to providing excellent supervised contact services!

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Thank you for taking your time to go through our report writing videos. To ensure you fully consolidate your learning, please complete the following exercise with due diligence and attention.

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15. Before submitting my report, I need to
14. Choose TWO correct answers from the options given.
13. Complete the following sentence. An excellent report .................
12. Choose the correctly worded statement from the following.
11. How do you address the parents in a contact report? 
10. A contact session report captures all of these issues EXCEPT
9. All reports should be written
8. An excellent report records mainly phrases and the clients’ feedback
7. A good contact report
6. An unacceptable report contains
5. In order to write professional and relevant reports, I must
4. An excellent report contains
3. A good report reflects