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Family Group Conference (FGC)

Family Group Conference (FGC)

What is the Family Group Conference (FGC)?

An FGC is a voluntary meeting where a child’s wider family come together, talk about concerns and make a plan for the future care of the child. FGCs are intended as a respectful and empowering process in which parents, children, wider family members and family friends are given clear information about safeguarding concerns and are asked to produce a plan to address those concerns. Every family is unique. FGCs use a family’s own skills, strengths and personal knowledge to resolve difficulties. A major benefit of FGCs is that the child or young person participates and can influence the plan being made for them.


Families make the decision on who can attend, and this is usually
● Other Family Members
● Friends
● Neighbours
● Anyone else the family thinks cares about the family.

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How meeting can help?

The meetings help families who may be having difficulties caring for their children to come together to create a support plan aimed at supporting the children. The FGC coordinator will help families make important decisions about a child or young person.

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