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Letterbox Contact

Letterbox Contact

What is Letterbox Contact?

Letterbox contact mainly focuses on adopted individuals but can also include individuals not adopted but the court have assessed the absent parent to pose a safeguarding risk to the child/ren that no other contact option is safe other than letter box contact at the time of court order being passed.

The Letterbox contact helps individuals to know about their original backgrounds as sometimes this can make them feel they don’t really know who they are and this feeling can surface at different stages in their life.

In situations where it is not safe for a child to have any face to face or virtual contact, letterbox contact helps mitigate some of these struggles for most of these families by having a letterbox system in place.

The letter box system is an exchange of information in the form of a letter and sometimes photographs that usually takes place once or twice a year between the adoptive family/resident parent and the birth/resident parent.

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