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PAM Assessments

PAM Assessments

What are PAM Assessments?

The PAMS assessments are designed to take into account parents who have learning difficulties or disabilities. This means that if the parent is not comfortable using writing or verbal skills to engage in the assessment, then we will carry out the work using practical demonstrations and visual aids.


The assessment looks at key areas of parenting and level of engagement with the assessment as follows:

  • Child Care and Development: What does the parent understand under child care? How does the parent plan to look after the child? How does the parent plan to enable the child to learn more about the world

  • Behavioral Management: How does the parent aim to teach the child self-control? Does the parent have a plan for teaching the child about socialising with others?

  • Independent Living Skills: Is the parent able to support themselves financially and perform daily tasks without the help of other adults? Can the parent teach the child how to become an independent adult?

  • Safe and Health: Does the parent understand external dangers and how to educate the child about these? Can the parent teach the child how to keep themselves clean and health

  • Parental Health: What is the state of the parent's overall health? Are they in need of a mental health assessment? Do they need professional medical support to remain healthy and well?

  • Relationship and Support: Is there a close bond between the parent and child? How does the parent aim to develop, maintain and strengthen the relationship? Is the parent offered emotional support by other family members or connected persons?

  • Impact of the Environment and Community on Parenting: Is there any violence present in the neighbourhood or community and how does the parent keep, or plan to keep, the child safe? Is there support for the parent and child from other members of the community? Are resources accessible and within easy reach?


During a PAMS assessment, the carer will be asked to elaborate on their understanding of these topics. They may also be asked to perform certain parenting activities or might simply be observed in their home environment. We might also provide some specific guidance on how the parent interprets the advice and if they can integrate the recommendations in their interactions with their child. In this way, a clear understanding of the individual’s abilities as a parent are developed.

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Length of assessment

Although we cannot give an exact time frame for each PAMS assessment, on average, most assessments take about six to twelve weeks. The duration of each assessment is variable because the time it takes to complete the assessment is influenced by a range of diverse factors, including the cooperation of the parent. The more willing the parent is to receive help, the shorter the amount of time in which the evaluation can be completed.

PAM Assessments

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