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Supervised Contact

Parent-Help is a NACCC accredited organisation and is a floating service (whereby contact is not linked to a specific building) that provides contact services in the community. Where contact takes place in the community is a decision between us, the provider and relevant parties. In circumstances where a venue/building is required to carry out supervised services, we arrange this at an additional charge. We ensure that the chosen setting is clean and safe for families to use prior to any contact taking place.

We cover all areas in London extending to neighbouring counties of Surrey, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Kent with numerous contacts also taking place across the UK. Many of our workers are Independent Qualified and Experienced Social Workers (ISW) with a wealth of experience in Child Protection and Court Proceedings. 


All contact is organised following completion of comprehensive risk assessment which is attached to the referral form. This is to ensure that any risks are fully captured and appropriate support is in place to ensure safety for all parties involved.


Prior to the commencement of supervised contact, a contact agreement will be drawn up with the adult(s) involved in the contact sessions. The purpose of the contact agreement is to outline dates, times, venues and expectations of family member/s attending contact etc. This agreement will clearly outline the repercussions of non-attendance, lateness or negative experiences during contact, to ensure that contact is appropriate and in the child/ren best interest. A copy of the signed agreement will be shared with the parents and all relevant parties as appropriate.


Our services run every day Monday to Sunday with many contacts taking place on weekends. We have a pool of ISW's who are flexible and within reasons are able to cover contact with very short notice.

We tailor our service to meet client's needs. Go ahead and make contact today to discuss your requirements!

Our staff are trained to facilitate quality contact with non-resident parents/family members and their children. Everyone is made to feel at ease and supported to ensure positive contact.

Supervised contact

Supervised contact is charged at an hourly rate, and this includes one report to the paying parent.

Additional reports to other recipients are charged at a minimal fee.

Risk Assessment

We require completed risk assessment and referral forms prior to starting any contract within the service of Supervised Contact. This is to ensure that the right level of support is given and all the necessary procedures are completed.

Please enquire further, call us now on 0207 101 4037 or email us at

Our staff are trained to facilitate quality contact with non-resident parents/family members and their children. Everyone is made to feel at ease and supported to ensure positive contact.
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Parent-Help facilitated contact between me and my 3-year-old and honestly couldn't find a single fault with the excellent service that they provided. As a divorced parent and the challenges that come with this, I found the workers not only incredibly professional but respectful and caring. Highly recommendable provider!

Sarah Hawkins

Parent-Help provides well-trained staff who are passionate about helping and improving outcomes for children. The ethos and focus on individual and agency needs is first class. They provided a tailor-made solution which differentiates them from other firms. Very impressed by their service.

Peter Marsh

As a Law firm, we have worked with many providers to complete Independent Assessments. Parent-Help's service has been refreshing. Elizabeth seemed very experienced in the industry and helpful. I would have no doubts recommending Parent-Help to other agencies!

Gabriella Bell