Supervised Contact

Parent-Help is a NACCC accredited organisation that strongly believes that all children should maintain contact with their parents and families whenever possible and when it's in the child/ren's best interest. Our staff are trained to facilitate quality contact with non-resident parents/family members and their children. Everyone is made to feel at ease and supported to ensure positive contact. If you would like to enquire further, please call us on 07539873996.


Supervised contact

Supervised contact is charged at an hourly rate, and this includes one report to the paying parent.

Additional reports to other recipients are charged at a minimal fee.


Handover Services

Parent-Help also facilitates handover services where contact between parents can be difficult, or a court order is in place.

Risk Assessment

We require completed risk assessment and referral forms prior to starting any contract within the service of Supervised Contact. This is to ensure that the right level of support is given and all the necessary procedures are completed.