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Families are the foundation of society. All families should have access to support that empowers their parenting.

About Us

Our Vision

Parenting is hard! We all agree and recognise the importance of parenting. But is there a way to enjoy it. Especially as it is the most important duty of our lifetime? Can it be a truly rewarding experience after all?

'Parent-Help' aims to stand by your side to do parenting together.

What We Provide

  • A community-based Parenting Service that caters for families at their point of need and by working with distinguished team with a wealth of knowledge in their subject area.
  • Parenting workshops that harness parents’ and families’ strengths and skills within a safe space.
  • Supervised contact between child/children and their parents and families.
  • Family Group Conferences aimed at exploring support for child/children within the extended family members and friends.
  • Effective and sensitive working relationship with families that elicit change.

Our Clients

Parent-Help works with Local Authorities, Family Law Professionals, Mental Health Services, Educational Establishments, individuals and/or their families.

The nature of the service provided will be tailored according to client needs to ensure expert assessment and intervention for clients and the service users.

Our Services

Our Services

Parenting Support Services and Intervention

Parent-Help provides Parenting Support within a structured group sessions with the aim of enabling parents to acquire appropriate skills and knowledge required in day-to-day parenting. This support takes place in the form of workshops comprising 8 weeks’ community-based assessment to be delivered twice a week within a two-hour group session delivered by professionals from Parent-Help.

The service will be provided at an identified community venue close to the family as well as within the family home incorporating all key areas of parenting including child care and child development, according to the childrens’ needs.

The workshops are open to all parents; however, the following group would find it especially beneficial:

  • Parents who are considered a risk to their children
  • Parents who for one reason or another wish to strengthen their parenting skills
  • Young parents

At the end of the assessment a comprehensive report will be completed.

Supervised Contact

Parent-Help strongly believes that all children should maintain contact with their parents and families, wherever possible and as advocated.

In doing so, we will:

Facilitate and promote contact between children and their parents and families in a child friendly environment that is safe and informal.

Enable collaborative working relationships between professionals and families involved in the childrens’ lives by being open and honest in the best interests of the children involved.

Strive to ensure contact between children and their parents and families is positive and a happy experience.

At the end of supervised contact, reports will be provided as per requirements.

Family Group Conference (FGC):

Parent-Help will carry out FGC meetings with the aim of exploring wider family members and friends can offer support in the event that this is deemed necessary to support the parents or carers of the children and/ or as per the client’s instructions.

Upon referral, the FGC process takes place in 3 stages:

Stage one:
  • Gathering information from all relevant professionals, parents, families and wider support network.
Stage two:
  • Contacting all relevant individuals, identifying suitable venue.
Stage three:
  • FGC meeting held, private family time aimed at families formulating their plan for the child/ren and professionals and Co-ordinator re-joining to agree the plan.
Our History

Our History

Each member of our team is equipped with academic training and years of experience in a highly relevant field with deep-rooted understanding in Child Protection and Legal Proceedings work. We are entrusted professionals with expertise that lies in identifying and in creating custom-made solutions to meet individual needs.

The organisation was founded by parents for parents who are aware of the challenges that are faced in parenting. We fully understand the importance of the right support being offered to individuals in a timely manner so as to minimise parenting concerns. We believe that parents have the capacity to create positive changes within their parenting given the right circumstances.

Our mission, therefore, is to assist parents in navigating through these challenges.

Our Ethos

Our Ethos

  • To empower families and strengthen opportunities available to them.
  • To deliver a first-class service that promotes well-being and embraces the strengths of all involved.
  • To provide a bespoke and inclusive quality service to our clients and individuals.
  • To enable significant positive difference in the lives of the children and families that we work with.
  • To offer safe and non-judgemental space, where parents can openly speak about their limitations and share experiences and identify areas they need support in.
  • To ensure that confidentiality for safeguarding is a key aspect of what we do.
  • To provide competitive prices and an effective, timely service.
Contact Us

Contact Us


Parent-Help accepts referrals from a wide range of sources. All referrals will be appropriately considered to ensure utmost support and intervention tailored towards individual’s and clients’ needs.


Parent-Help aims to convene a Family Group Conference within 5 weeks of receipt of referral, Parenting Support and Intervention within 8 weeks of referral and Supervised contact within a week of referral.

Risk Assessment

Parent-Help will require completion of a Risk Assessment and referral forms prior to commencement of work to ensure the right level of support is offered and the necessary procedures are completed.

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